Intel begins shipping engineering samples of Emerald Rapids server chips

Intel begins shipping engineering samples of Emerald Rapids server chips and Meteor Lake S desktop chips

Judging by the materials that appeared recently on the Web, Intel has started supplying partners with development samples of Emerald Rapids server processors, as well as processors for desktop computers of the Meteor Lake-S family.

    Image source: Rubaitul Azad/

Image source: Rubaitul Azad/

According to Twitter leaker @Fan_of_Toasters, Intel has started sending test samples of Meteor Lake-S generation desktop processors and fifth-generation Xeon server processors, Emerald Rapids, to partners. The April 21 document indicates that Xeon Emerald Rapids processors will be shipped to customers for testing and debugging of the system. Processors belong to ES2 solutions (Engineering Sample 2 – Engineering Samples of the second version). They are expected to be officially unveiled later this year.

    Image source: @Fan_of_toasters

Image source: @Fan_of_toasters

Additionally, network source YuuKi_AnS is known to have shared images of two new Intel Emerald Rapids servers, one of which is shown with an expanded circuit board, possibly to accommodate HBM DRAM memory or additional controllers. According to the WccfTech portal, the appearance clearly indicates that the image is exactly of Emerald Rapids and not Sapphire Rapids. It is known that the fifth Xeon generation is to be presented in the fourth quarter of 2023, the processors are to have up to 64 cores (up to 128 threads). Models with different crystal configurations will be released. The flagship variant will have a two-chiplet layout. For comparison, the previous generation processors have 4 chiplets. In addition, the models receive up to 320 MB of L3 cache and support the LGA 4677 socket that is already in use.

    Image source: YuuKi_AnS/

Image source: YuuKi_AnS/

Even more interesting is the information on Meteor Lake-S desktop chips. If earlier there were rumors about the cancellation of the release of processors in this family, this may mean that some Meteor Lake-S chips for desktop computers will still appear when information about the transfer of samples is confirmed.

A few months ago it was leaked online that the original plans for Meteor Lake-S for desktop included several SKUs for the LGA 1851 platform with the following configurations:

  • MTL-S 22 (6 P cores and 16 E cores), 4 Xe graphics cores and 125 W TDP;
  • MTL-S 22 (6P+16E), 4 Xe cores and 65 W TDP;
  • MTL-S 22 (6P+16E), 4 Xe cores and 35 W TDP;
  • MTL-S 14 (6P+8E), 4 Xe cores and 65 W TDP;
  • MTL-S 14 (6P+8E), 4 Xe cores and 35 W TDP.

According to WCCFTech, if Meteor Lake processors remain in Intel’s plans, they should go on sale as early as 2024.

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