Intel Arrow Lake S will be 6 21 faster than Raptor Lake S

Intel Arrow Lake-S will be 6-21% faster than Raptor Lake-S and integrated graphics will be up to 2.4X faster

The Igor’sLAB portal received information from a recent closed presentation by Intel, in which the company announced its predictions for the performance of future Arrow Lake-S desktop processors, which will be presented in the 15th generation of Core Sips.

    Image Credit: Intel/Igor'sLAB

Image Credit: Intel/Igor’sLAB

In its presentation, Intel compared the Arrow Lake-S chip with eight powerful and 16 energy-efficient cores with the upcoming Raptor Lake-S refresh (14th generation core) with the same core configuration. A notable difference for Arrow Lake-S is the lower power consumption limits of PL1 and PL2. The maximum consumption is 250 W instead of 253 W for the Raptor Lake platform for the LGA 1700 processor socket.

The comparison data was close to the current flagship processor Intel Core i9-13900K (Raptor Lake-S), which has the same core configuration as the Arrow Lake-S and Raptor Lake-S Refresh used in the comparison.

The Raptor Lake-S refresh is expected to offer between a one and four percent performance increase over the current Raptor Lake-S processor line. Arrow Lake-S chips, on the other hand, which use a completely new architecture, ensure a performance increase of 6 to 21% depending on the load.

The integrated graphics performance of the Arrow Lake S processors, which can be up to 8

Igor’s LAB has also indicated that it will soon be releasing some details on the new LGA 1851 processor socket used by the Arrow Lake-S processors. The source said the connector is a different height than the LGA 1700. This means that most current cooling systems will not be compatible with it without updating the mounting kits. Igor’s LAB promised to tell more about it in the coming days.

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