Intel announces readiness for production of next generation Meteor Lake

Intel announces readiness for production of next generation Meteor Lake processors

Intel has announced that the Intel Process 4 is ready for mass production and will form the basis of a new generation of processors codenamed Meteor Lake. The relevant statement came from Ann Kelleher, general manager of the technology development company – she published an updated version of the manufacturer’s roadmap: Intel is ready to release 14th generation Core chips (Meteor Lake).

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In August, an Intel corporate vice president clarified that the Intel 4 process will only be used for the production of chiplets with processing cores (CPUs), and other chiplets will be directed to use TSMC for the 5 nm N5 process and the enhanced 7 -nm-N6 process release . In addition, all crystals are combined on one substrate using the UCIe interface.

The key innovation in next-gen chips promises to be the integration of specialized components to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms – already a common practice today, notably Qualcomm has deployed on its Snapdragon Arm platforms. Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger also announced this in September: “One of the things we’re going to bring is what I would call core AI capabilities.”. As examples he cited simultaneous translation during a video session and cameras that can tune in and adapt to a speaker.

It was also previously reported that Meteor Lake chips will have a new core type – effective, reduced power, which will complement the P and E cores used in the processors of the previous two generations. The release of new processors is expected in the second half of 2023.

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