Intel announced its intention to become a shareholder in Arm

Intel announced its intention to become a shareholder in Arm and expand use of the architecture of the same name

About 10 of Arm’s key customers and partners are considering becoming major investors in the developer’s IPO, with the potential to collectively spend up to $735 million on the company’s stock, but few of the “candidates” are speaking out open to. Intel did not hide its interest in this proposal and also announced its willingness to expand the use of the ARM architecture.

    Image source: STMicroelectronics

Image source: STMicroelectronics

As stated in the resource Tom’s hardwareStuart Pann, Intel’s Senior Vice President and Head of Contracts, made the following statements at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia technology conference: “This morning we are announcing that we will become an investor Poor”. About 80% of the silicon wafers processed by TSMC contain Arm-based processors, a company spokesman said. It is therefore important for Intel’s contracts department to examine the extent to which this architecture is adopted. Accordingly, investing in Arms Capital seems reasonable from this perspective for Intel management. “If you don’t work with me Poor, you can’t be a contract service provider for chips. Penn closed.

As Intel’s contract department needs to produce components for third-party customers, the company needs to pay more attention to working with ARM and RISC-V architectures, which provide the bulk of semiconductor production. Intel’s management has prepared a series of relevant statements for the coming months. In addition, Arm and Intel are already working to adapt the mobile processor developer toolkit to the specifics of Intel 18A process technology, which the latter company is expected to master by 2025. It is possible that the collaboration between Arm and Intel in this area will expand to the desktop and server components segments.

Significantly, TSMC Chairman Mark Liu said recently explainedthat his company will decide whether to participate in Arm Holding’s IPO this week. according to him Arm is an important part of our ecosystem, our technology and our customers’ ecosystems.”. TSMC is committed to ensuring Arm is a prosperous and healthy company, added Mark Liu.

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