Intel and AMD are poised for the PC market to

Intel and AMD are poised for the PC market to deteriorate this year compared to forecasts

Representatives of the leadership of Intel and AMD not only spoke at industry conferences for analysts recently, but also met with them privately. Experts | Amberfor example, spoke to David Zinsner, Intel CFO, and Dan McNamara, head of AMD’s server division. Both believe that the third quarter was worse than expected and therefore the full year results could be adjusted accordingly.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

At least this forecast applies to the PC market. According to Zinsner, the situation in this market has deteriorated by more than 10% in the July forecast compared to the results of 2021. Intel’s chief financial officer isn’t ready to provide updated figures for the decline, but added that the situation in the server segment has deteriorated due to weaker demand in China and a difficult macroeconomic environment.

In his comments to Bernstein analysts, an AMD representative made it clear that the PC market is now in chaos and customer demand is lower than expected. The company previously expected sales in the PC market to fall 15% by the end of the year, but now the reality is very likely worse than expected. While both companies still expected in the spring that the situation on the PC market would improve in the second half of the year, they are now hesitantly pinning such hopes on the fourth quarter, and only in some areas. AMD, for example, believes that the release of new gaming graphics cards from this brand in the fourth quarter will help boost demand for its core products.

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