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As the announcement of Intel Alder Lake processors approaches, there are more and more leaks about them. This time, the Middle East resource Sakhtafzar published the test results of several new generation processors at once – Core i9-12900KF, Core i7-12700KF and Core i5-12600KF, as well as information on the prices that Intel will set for some Alder Lake chips.



Let’s start with the prices. The source confirms previous rumors that the new generation processors will be significantly more expensive than their predecessors. So, the recommended price of the flagship Core i9-12900K will be $ 599, while the manufacturer estimated its predecessor, the Core i9-11900K, at $ 549. In turn, the Core i7-12700K was priced at $ 429, while the current Core i7-11700K costs $ 409. Below is a broader list of Alder Lake chips with specifications and prices.

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Now for the tests. The source does not specify the testing methodology, citing only indicators for the Core i9-12900KF, Core i7-12700KF and Core i5-12600KF chips in comparison with their predecessors and competitors. Intel processors with the letter “F” in the name, recall, are distinguished by the absence of an active integrated graphics processor, which does not in any way affect the performance of the CPU cores.

Here and below images

Here and below images of Sakhtafzar

The first pair of graphs displays the benchmark results in the Geekbench benchmark. Representatives of the Alder Lake family show impressive results in single-threaded tests, head and shoulders above both their predecessors and competitors from the AMD camp. In multi-threaded tests, the situation is somewhat different: the predecessors of the new products are far behind, but with some AMD chips the new products are on a par or slightly ahead of them.

In rendering in Blender, Intel’s new products also showed their best side. For example, the 24-thread Core i9-12900KF is on par with the 32-thread Ryzen 9 5950X, which is also more expensive ($ 750). In addition, the source provides data on the performance of Alder Lake in video encoding and synthetic benchmark PC Mark.

Of course, all this is only early data, and before finally evaluating the performance of new Intel processors, you should wait for their release and the publication of full-fledged reviews. And in general, at the moment the information provided should be considered nothing more than rumors. But they look very attractive.


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