Instagram has started testing the publication timeline

Instagram has started testing the publication timeline

The social network Instagram has started testing the feed, which shows posts in chronological order. The head of the company, Adam Mosseri, promised early last month that he would return such an opportunity. Users can now switch between multiple ribbon modes.

Source: geralt /

Source: geralt /

Mosseri first announced plans to return the chronological feed to the feed during a Senate hearing on Instagram’s negative impact on children and adolescents in the United States in December. The company later confirmed that it was working on two new versions of the edition and that it has now started testing the technology in focus groups.

Mosseri recently announced that Instagram will soon allow three modes: “Home”, “Favorites” and “Following”. The first will be no different from the current one, powered by the algorithms of a social network that independently decides what content the user is interested in at all. The “Favorites” mode is a thematic edition that takes into account the interest in friends’ posts, and the “Follow” mode publishes a chronological edition of the posts from the accounts to which the user is a subscriber. In other words, in the latter case, roughly the same algorithm is applied that was available to users by default before 2016.

“We believe it is important that if you are interested you can quickly receive chronological results and see the latest content of the accounts you have subscribed to.”says Mosseri.

It is also important that the “Home” mode is also likely to experience major changes. Mosseri said that over time, the user will get more and more referral posts from accounts to which they are not a subscriber, including short videos from Reels. Additionally, Mosseri promised last week to rethink the concept of Instagram in 2022 and offer more tools to content creators on Reels. Issue changes are already being tested on a limited group of users or will start testing in the coming weeks. The rest of the audience will be able to get to know her “in the first half of this year”.


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