Instagram chief agreed to testify in US Senate

Instagram head Adam Mosseri is due to testify before a US Senate commission in December. He will appear at the Online Child Protection Hearing Series, which begins December 6 and runs for a week.

Image source: Solen Feyissa /

Image source: Solen Feyissa /

“He’s the boss of Instagram, and the whole nation is asking why Instagram and other technology platforms have created so much danger and caused so much damage by broadcasting toxic content to children with these extremely powerful algorithms.”– said Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of the initiators of the series of hearings.

Mr Mosseri will testify following the revelations of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen. According to her, a study conducted by the company itself showed that “Interaction-based ranking can lead kids from innocuous topics like healthy eating recipes … to anorexia-promoting content in a short amount of time.”… Recently, Antigone Davis, head of security at Meta (owns Instagram), said that the information about the potential dangers of the service for teens was grossly exaggerated.

Following Davis’s testimony, Senator Blumenthal wrote to Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg asking him or Mosseri to speak on their own. The politician suggested that the company “Made false or inaccurate statements about attempts to hide her research”… Mosseri will testify in Congress for the first time, and Blumenthal wants to invite him to make Instagram’s ranking and recommendation algorithms transparent – this will allow experts to understand if the platform is promoting potentially dangerous content, and if so, how. Following previous hearings, executives at Snap, TikTok and YouTube have made similar commitments. The Senator also wants to inquire about how Instagram’s recommendation systems work and how they can bring children. “Into the dangerous rabbit holes”


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