Instagram allows you to edit the order of the posts

Instagram allows you to edit the order of the posts

Over the past few years, despite being a bit inferior to giants like TikTok, Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks in the world. Meta isn’t stingy with new features – the company recently announced Take a Break for those who sit on their smartphones for too long, and it will soon look like it will be possible to edit the post feed.

Source: geralt /

Source: geralt /

Many users may have regretted more than once that it was impossible to create previous posts in a different order – sometimes it would allow for a completely different feed to be created, affecting the impression of the profile on third-party visitors and loyal friends.

According to well-known network informant and developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who loves delving into application code to find undocumented features, Instagram is preparing something new… Judging by the screenshots posted on Twitter, the social network adds a feature that allows you to edit the “grid” of the profile and create posts in exactly the order you want. There is currently no way to change the chronological order of the publications.

From the images, the Edit Grid function is displayed in the Edit Profile section. The user can drag and drop posts in any order. The option is not yet visible as it is still under development.

The release date of the new version will be announced later. Instagram prefers to remain silent about the new feature for the time being. It is very likely that a limited number of beta testers will be the first to use it.


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