Instagram abandoned IGTV service in favor of Instagram TV – now long videos will be released directly in the main feed

Instagram has admitted that IGTV, the platform’s first long-term video initiative, hasn’t been successful. So as of today, the company is renaming IGTV to Instagram TV and getting rid of the exclusive IGTV video format. Videos posted to the main Instagram feed can now be up to 60 minutes long. Previously, this length was reserved only for IGTV videos.

An Instagram spokesman said the IGTV app, now renamed Instagram TV, will remain “a place to visit for people to watch videos“. The IGTV service was introduced in June 2018 and, according to Instagram’s plans, was supposed to become an alternative to YouTube, giving users the ability to post and watch long videos. However, this format did not take root, and a couple of months later TikTok was launched with very short videos, which today is the most popular video service in the world.

In 2020, Instagram’s efforts focused on the short video service Reels, which the company intends to challenge TikTok, while IGTV has faded into the background. The video service Reals has gained some popularity, but it is still far from TikTok. Instagram’s solution still has one major flaw: it doesn’t offer creators a consistent reward system for posting content.

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