Inspired by Tim Burton the dark adventure Children of Silentown

Inspired by Tim Burton, the dark adventure Children of Silentown was hailed by early gamers and critics alike

Developers Elf Games and Luna2 Studio today teamed up with publisher Daedalic Entertainment to release Children of Silentown, a dark point-and-click adventure game inspired by filmmaker Tim Burton. The first reviews from journalists and players were not long in coming.

    Image Credit: Daedalic Entertainment

Image Credit: Daedalic Entertainment

Children of Silentown tells the mysterious story of a girl named Lucy who lives in a village deep in a monster-infested forest. Disappearances have become commonplace here, but the main character thinks he’s old enough to conduct his own investigation.

“We wanted our characters to look cute and scary at the same time.”, — revealed character and background artist Francesca Presentini in a recent development diary for Children of Silentown. The artistic style of the game is influenced not only by the work of Tim Burton, but also by the animated film “Coraline in Nightmare Land” directed by Henry Selick (Henry Selick).

The adventure game about the curious girl Lucy was well received by critics. At the time this material was published, the Children of Silentown rating was on the aggregator frankly critical is 75 out of 100 points (8 ratings).

The authors of the first review materials praise the project for its compelling story, engaging and simple game mechanics, memorable characters, and outstanding art style.

But the lack of clues in the levels, not always obvious solutions to some puzzles and the need to re-examine the passed places in some cases have become the main reasons for dissatisfaction.

AT steam The game only has 29 reviews, but 96% of them are positive.

Children’s Silentown is available on PC (steam, GOG, EGS), PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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