Inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic the Songs of

Inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, the Songs of Conquest strategy finally gets a random map editor

Developer by Swedish studio Lavapotion in cooperation with Coffee Stain Publishing released an update of its turn-based strategy with RPG elements and the adventure Songs of Conquest. The update added a random map editor to the game that fans have long been asking for.

    Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

This generator currently supports maps for 2, 4, 6 and 8 players and can also create maps for single player vs. AI or multiplayer battles.

The current Songs of Conquest update has also made many balance changes, so Lavapotion staff advises players to reconsider some tried-and-true tactics. All factions in the game underwent a major rebalancing, the list of changes turned out to be quite extensive.

The Songs of Conquest strategy has also received an overhauled user interface, corrected artificial intelligence behavior patterns and a timer for multiplayer.

Songs of Conquest entered Early Access on May 10th steam and GOGthe game is also available in Epic game store. In a preliminary review for 3DNews, Mikhail Ponomarev described it as “deep, thoughtful and exciting strategy with huge potential”.

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