Insider BioWare May Choose Unreal Engine 5 For New Mass

Insider: BioWare May Choose Unreal Engine 5 For New Mass Effect

The new part of Mass Effect may change the engine, reported insider Jeff Grubb. He noted that BioWare and Electronic Arts are now preparing the technical base for the project and, it seems, are ready to part with Frostbite.

Source: BioWare

Source: BioWare

The journalist bases his assumption on the data of his sources and the position of the CTO of BioWare, which includes experience with the Unreal Engine among the requirements.

Three parts of Mass Effect were executed on the basis of the Epic Games engine. BioWare then used Frostbite, which DICE created for Battlefield: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Anthem, and Mass Effect: Andromeda were developed from it.

Grubb added that the publisher was trying to save money using Frostbite, because the engine is the company’s own development. But creating an RPG on it turned out to be a daunting task, and the authors spent a lot of time implementing simple mechanics.

EA officially announced the new part in December 2020, but did not reveal the name – the fifth in a row Mass Effect remains without a subtitle or number in the title. Judging by the trailer, the new part will continue the story of the third game.

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