Infinix introduces 260W wired charging and 110W wireless charging

Infinix introduces 260W wired charging and 110W wireless charging

Infinix has unveiled new results from its work on ultra-fast charging – 260W wired and 110W wireless all-around FastCharge chargers. The new wired solution can charge the battery from 0 to 25% in one minute and to 100% in less than 8 minutes. Wireless charging tops up the battery from scratch in 16 minutes.

    Image source: Infinix

Image source: Infinix

The 260W charging standard comes just nine months after Infinix introduced the 180W Thunder Charge. According to the official press release, the charging efficiency is 98.5%, the 4400 mAh test battery was able to retain 90% of its original capacity after 1000 cycles. The charger uses GaN transistors with high power density, small size and safe control. Infinix has also developed a cable that can carry up to 13A of current to enable 260W charging.

110W wireless charging uses custom-made inductors with low sensitivity and reduced internal resistance, reducing phone heating while charging. The 110W charger features dual coils for vertical and horizontal charging with a built-in fan to improve heat dissipation.

The devices are compatible with other charging and power delivery protocols, including Power Delivery 3.0. The company has confirmed that the new technology will be coming with the upcoming Infinix Note smartphone this year and will be seen in action very soon.


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