India’s Delhi temporarily banned vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines

Due to the unusually thick smog, the authorities in the Indian capital were forced to take desperate measures. In Delhi, vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines will be banned from November 27 to December 3. In addition to bicycles and walking, only electric cars and cars with gas-fueled internal combustion engines will remain available for the multimillion population.

Source: alvpics / pixabay.com

Source: alvpics / pixabay.com

It is known that schools, colleges, libraries and other institutions are closed in Delhi until December 29. The use of vehicles with internal combustion engines (with the exception of gas engines) is allowed only for emergency services.

According to representatives of the local government, a list of requirements has been put forward for companies engaged in the construction and dismantling of buildings, designed to prevent dust pollution – there is almost no wind in the city. Those who violate the established rules will be taken harsh measures without warning.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has called on government officials to refrain from using personal vehicles to reduce emissions. Representatives of state and municipal authorities will have access to special “shuttles” that will have to deliver employees.

Earlier, another significant measure was introduced in the city – a special program that allows to re-equip diesel vehicles over 10 years old with electric motors. For this, it will be possible to use only certified kits.


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