India is postponing restrictions on the import of laptops PCs

India is postponing restrictions on the import of laptops, PCs and tablets under pressure from the US

India will postpone the introduction of compulsory licensing requirements for the import of laptops and tablet computers by a year. This policy decision was made after receiving complaints from industry representatives and the US government who believed that such a move could affect major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, etc. About it writes The Reuters agency quotes its own expert sources.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The plan will be delayed by a year, after which the Indian government will reconsider whether to introduce a licensing system or not. The licensing system, the plans for which were announced in August this year, aims to do this “Ensuring India’s supply of reliable equipment and systems”reduce dependence on imports, boost local production and partially resolve the country’s trade imbalance with China.

However, due to intervention from industry representatives and US officials, plans to introduce licensing were revised. Last month, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai raised concerns about India’s move to impose tariffs on imports of laptops and tablets, saying the move would hit companies like Apple, Dell and HP.

According to a source, India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has proposed simplifying the procedure for registering imported goods, which will come into force in November this year. According to one of the officials, this is new “Import management system” will require companies to maintain it “Authorization certificates” to import laptops, tablets and PCs instead of the licenses announced by the government in August. Department officials have not yet commented on the matter.

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