Increasingly people are damaging TVs and other property while playing

Increasingly, people are damaging TVs and other property while playing VR

According to the largest British insurance company, Aviva, the number of accident-related property damage caused by the use of virtual reality headsets in this country has risen sharply. In the past year the number of such cases has increased by 31% and in the last five years by 68%.

Image source: Sky News

Image source: Sky News

According to Aviva, the average amount of damage is around £650. Televisions are the most affected. VR headset users often end up banging their heads against walls, accidentally hitting household members, and throwing controllers around the room, often damaging something.

As the British insurance company points out, since the beginning of the year it has already received several insurance claims from people who damaged their TVs while playing VR. The number is predicted to increase in the near future as VR headsets have proven to be very popular Christmas gifts.

Incidents are cited as examples when a user threw a controller at the TV for fear of a zombie suddenly appearing in front of him in the game, and in another family a child pulled two expensive collectible figurines out of the fireplace. Several users have reported falling into VR headsets. Someone – fortunately, goes straight into the TV and only damages the latter.

“With the growing popularity of new games and gadgets, we are more likely to witness such incidents. In the past, when dedicated fitness equipment became popular among home game console owners, we’ve seen similar situations before. All of these devices are really fun and comfortable to use, but we encourage people to be more careful when choosing free storage space for such games and to seek insurance in case of unforeseen situations.says Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s head of property litigation.


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