In the trailer for the horror Choo-Choo Charles showed a fight with a creepy spider train

Indie studio Two Star Games has announced an unusual horror game Choo-Choo Charles. In it, players will have to fight a terrible train on spider legs. Basically, of course, according to the laws of the genre, you will have to run away and hide from him.

Source: Two Star Games

Source: Two Star Games

In the announcement trailer, the protagonist drives his old train and travels the world in search of upgrades and parts. With their help, the locomotive can be made faster, improve its armor or damage. There is only one problem – the creepy Charles will constantly hunt you.

There can be rubbish on the tracks, so sometimes you have to get off the train to clear the road and move on. At this time, Charles’s attack will be especially dangerous, because you can’t hide from him on foot. In the video, you can also see a small dialogue with one of the characters, which looks like a full-length cardboard figure, which only adds absurdity to the project.

The release of Choo-Choo Charles on PC is scheduled for early 2022. Available on Steam page project.

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