In the Steam database a number of games suddenly have

In the Steam database, a number of games suddenly have exact release dates – some even look like the truth

portal Techraptor noted that due to a leak caused by the Steam Web API, the exact release dates for a number of upcoming games, including fairly large ones, appeared in the Valve services database.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It is worth noting that the data below is for internal use only, is not displayed on the project page and may be both outdated and conditional.

List of the most notable games from the leak:

Image Source: Mouthfish

Image Source: Mouthfish

Some of the dates from the list above clearly act as stubs: on December 29th and 30th, big games are usually not released. There’s also frankly outdated information – Atomic Heart, for example, is expected in September-December, not June.

However, there are plausible dates on the list. For example, July 15 falls on a Friday, a typical release day for big-budget titles like the PC version of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Image Credit: Team Cherry

Image source: Team Cherry

The furthest away of all in the list is Hollow Knight: Silksong — another six years before that, according to the Steam database. But fans of the series probably don’t have to wait that long: GOG’s mobile version has announced the game for 2022.

This isn’t the first major leak in recent months. In September 2021, thousands of unreleased and even unannounced games were found on GeForce Now servers, some of which have already been confirmed.



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