1701665730 In the DRAM server memory segment Koreas SK Hynix occupies

In the DRAM server memory segment, Korea’s SK Hynix occupies almost 50% of the market

Omdia analysts recently found that SK hynix’s share of the total DRAM memory market has already reached 35%, not far from the position of leader Samsung Electronics, which holds 39.4%. If we consider the server storage market separately, SK Hynix has already overtaken its main competitor and occupied 49.6% of the segment in the third quarter, while Samsung lagged behind in terms of sales by only 35.2%. The first received $1.85 billion, the second received $1.313 billion.

    Image source: SK hynix

Image source: SK hynix

The resource reports this with reference to TrendForce statistics. Business Korea. The sample included the financial results of suppliers of DRAM memory modules for the server market, excluding HBM chips, but if we take them into account, the gap between SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics will be even larger. In the overall RAM market, Samsung continues to be the leader, as Omdia experts have already explained, but in the server segment it is inferior to SK Hynix. Third place in the server segment went to Micron with a market share of 15% and sales of $560 million.

In general, server memory accounts for 35-40% in the structure of the DRAM market, so SK hynix’s success in this segment helped the company move closer to Samsung, taking into account other market segments. SK Hynix brand DDR5 family products manufactured using 10nm class process technology (1α, 4th generation) have passed Intel certification, and 5th generation (1β) memory is currently being tested. Competitor Samsung Electronics has so far only received Intel certification for 3rd generation memories manufactured using the 10nm class (1z) process technology. HPE has already introduced server systems based on the fifth generation DDR5 memory SK hynix (1β).

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