In the Dead Space remake a message was hidden in

In the Dead Space remake, a message was hidden in a fictional language – fans have already deciphered it

portal PCGamesN The GingyYoutube user from the forum noticed this Reddit managed to decipher the mysterious message from the “New Game +” mode added in the remake of the space horror Dead Space.

    Image Source: Steam (Jim2point0)

Image Source: Steam (Jim2point0)

Remember that the New Game + mode that opens after the first passage contains an advanced sixth level hazmat suit, a phantom variant of the Necromorphs, a secret ending and a bunch of new journal entries.

The entry marked illegible is a poem written in the Unitologist alphabet, the fictional language of representatives of an apocalyptic religion, singing the praises of the extraterrestrial artifact Obelisk:

You go in white
Unaffected by red
They order the living
They guard the dead

A finger touch
We’re still frozen
You are the answer
You are the will

behind the stars
The brothers are waiting
Oracle, save us
of the destiny of mankind

    Image source: GameSpot

Image source: GameSpot

The nature of the poem leaves room for interpretation, but references to oracles are suspected in it (“go in white”, “Order the living and guide the dead”) and the frozen moon Tau Volantis from Dead Space 3 (second verse).

According to the conspiracy, the ancient race Tau Volantis froze to stop the spread of infection and prevent the Brother Moon (Blood Moon) from awakening. Now She Waits (Third Verse) “among the stars”that someone finds it.

    A vision of awakening Blood Moons from Dead Space 3 (Image source: Electronic Arts)

A vision of awakening Blood Moons from Dead Space 3 (Image source: Electronic Arts)

What exactly are the authors implying with the new notes (in another found (Regarding Dead Space 2’s setting) is unclear, but it’s possible that Electronic Arts’ plans for the Dead Space franchise will extend beyond the remake of the first installment.

The Dead Space remake debuted on January 27th on PC (Steam, EA App, EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The press has been quite positive about the rethink – the project’s rating on Metacritic ranges from 87 to 89%.

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