In Taiwan government officials have been banned from using Chinese

In Taiwan, government officials have been banned from using Chinese drones, smartphones, and software

Commercial drones from China may contain loopholes and malware that broadcast data and video to the Chinese government, a senior Taiwan official told the Taipei Times.

In Taiwan government officials have been banned from using Chinese

The official gave an interview on the matter on condition of anonymity following the publication of a statement by the National Communications Commission (NCC) of Taiwan on Thursday that Xiaomi Corp’s Mi 10T 5G smartphones have built-in censorship capabilities and users can transmit data a server in Beijing.

The commission said its telecommunications technology center tested the Xiaomi Corp Mi 10T 5G model sold in Taiwan last October after the Lithuanian National Cyber ​​Security Center discovered censorship features in the device on September 21 last year.

Although Xiaomi has denied the safety issues of its products, the official claims that these features are absent on models sold in Taiwan and Europe, but this is not confirmed by NCC’s analysis.

Government agencies in Taipei have reportedly taken steps to remove Chinese-made devices and software from official use.

Security protocols have also been tightened so that middle and senior officials can no longer use Chinese-made electronics for work or personal use.

The official noted that the ban on the use of Chinese-made devices only applies to government officials and not individuals, adding that the government can only advise the public not to purchase products with compromised safety features.

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