In Star Citizen the physics of the deformation of the

In Star Citizen, the physics of the deformation of the leaves will appear, but for some reason the players are not happy about it

Cloud Empire games told about working on physics “sheet deformation”. In her opinion, this technology is very important to achieve an immersive effect. But the players think differently.

    Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen has been in development for over a decade. In all that time, the game has raised over $450 million in donations alone. These funds not only flow directly into development, but also into the prototyping of various ideas. One of them is the deformation of the sheets. The name speaks for itself: this technology creates a realistic shape of the sheets on the beds – so that they crease like in real life. CIG has carried out numerous studies on this and asked the following questions: “What happens to the sheets, for example, if the AI ​​has to leave the bed in an emergency?”

The developers claim that this is important because the element “Sleep and rest in bed” in Squadron 42 (the single player part of Star Citizen) was recently updated. Characters can now find beds, lie down, and sleep in them until it’s time to get up.

Judging by the reaction on Reddit, Star Citizen users didn’t appreciate the developers’ enthusiasm.

  • “What kind of [чепуха]? The game was supposed to come out a hundred years ago and they are implementing it [чёртову] sheet metal forming? I’m shocked”– wrote torvi97.
  • “Sheet warp research… For a game that has been in development for over 10 years. Is this the ″quality″ players are looking for? I don’t know about you, but I think we can expect this feature in an update in 2083.”– wrote Unassuming bastard.
  • “Is this a joke? No wonder they never finish the game. Pointless functions in the highest manifestation”– wrote Valerian_II.
  • “How about easy [выпустить чёртову игру]before you worry about how deformed [чёртова] Sheet?”– wrote BotdogX.

But there is also good news for Star Citizen fans. The animation team reported on the work on improving the facial animation of several characters, and the story gameplay team updated several scenes in the first chapter.

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