In January alone at least 5600 people lost their jobs

In January alone, at least 5,600 people lost their jobs in the gaming industry – that’s more than half the number in all of 2023

The past year will be remembered by gamers not only for the abundance of high-quality releases, but also for the mass layoffs at large and not-so-large gaming companies. The year 2024 has just begun and the layoff situation has only gotten worse.

    Image source: Steam (.exe)

Image source: Steam (.exe)

According to calculations by the portal’s editorial team Layoffs in the gaming industryIn the first 25 days of January 2024 alone, at least 5,600 people have already lost their jobs in the gaming industry.

For comparison: for every 12 months of 2023 Layoffs in the gaming industry saw 10,500 layoffs at gaming companies. This means that the year 2024 already accounts for more than half (53%) of the previous year’s value.

    Image source: Activision

Image source: Activision

The list of layoffs in the games industry includes both large waves of layoffs – at Microsoft (1900), Unity (1800), Riot Games (530) and Twitch (500) – and small ones (up to 100 employees).

According to Game Industry Layoffs, there have already been layoffs in 24 companies in 2024, but for some the extent of the cuts could not be estimated: for example at Piranha Bytes.

    Image source: Reikon Games

Image source: Reikon Games

In addition, the list of layoffs in the games industry is not complete: for example, it does not (yet) include the Polish Reikon Games, known for the action game Ruiner. Accordingly KotakuThe studio cut 80% of its staff (60 to 70 people).

Previously interviews with heads of game publishers, development studios and investment companies admitted that they were preparing for it “Two years of pain”and is called 2024 “Year of closures”.


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