In Germany they launched a case with huge coolant radiators

In Germany, they launched a case with huge coolant radiators on the side walls for 1900 euros

German overclocker Roman “Der8auer” Hartung (Roman Hartung) has published a video review of a unique case of the local company Hetzner. Its peculiarity lies in the side panels, which are aluminum radiators for the liquid cooling system. corps called sprinkler is intended for LSS enthusiasts willing to pay for it from 1700 euros.

    Image source: Hetzner

Image source: Hetzner

Radiators occupy almost the entire area of ​​​​the side walls, providing an interest-free margin for cooling efficiency. The pre-installed LSS system is supplemented by three 140mm be quiet! Silent Wings 3 for air circulation inside. Two are behind the front bezel, one on the back.

Coolant radiators in the side walls do not have their own active cooling in the form of fans. Thus, the LSS system itself operates in a semi-passive mode. The fresh air supply is exclusively provided by the case fans.

The interior of the case is divided into two compartments. One part offers space for a motherboard with CPU, memory and NVMe SSDs. The other part is for installing a graphics accelerator via an included riser adapter. By the way, through them, the graphics card is installed upside down. In addition, it offers a few additional slots for 2.5-inch drives. Thus, one sidewall cooler is responsible for cooling the processor, and the second for the graphics card. One of the things worth emphasizing is the option of installing a power supply unit that is up to 180 mm long.

The Hetzner Regner case comes with almost all the equipment needed to create an LSS circuit. The package includes the necessary hoses and fittings as well as the EKWB EK-Loop DDC 4.2 PWM pump. True, you still need to buy some details – water blocks and a liquid reservoir.

The front panel of the case is almost deaf, save for the vent holes on the sides. On the top cover is the usual connector panel. The set includes a power button, a USB Type-A and a USB Type-C port, and a pair of 3.5mm audio outputs.

The body dimensions are 470 × 240 × 480 mm and the weight is 21 kg. The novelty is suitable for assembling a system based on E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards.

Currently only one gray version of the sprinkler case is available. It costs 1900 euros.

In the future, the company will release a blue version with a price tag of 1700 euros.


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