In five years the value of all data centers in

In five years, the value of all data centers in the world will double to $2 trillion.

Last week it became known about the initiative of OpenAI head Sam Altman to attract $7 trillion in investor funds to build dozens of new enterprises for TSMC, capable of multiplying the production volume of accelerators for artificial intelligence systems. The head and founder of NVIDIA is convinced that we can limit ourselves to more modest expenses, and this will not hinder the development of the industry.

  Image Source: NVIDIA

Image Source: NVIDIA

Let us recall that Sam Altman’s main idea is to create an adequate number of production lines for the production of computing accelerators, since now the capabilities of existing enterprises clearly do not cover the needs of the industry. As reported by Bloomberg, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang does not believe that the growth in spending on data center construction will slow down in the coming years, but is convinced that it is possible to limit himself to smaller amounts compared to those requested by Sam Altman.

“We are now at the beginning of a new era. Currently, the number of data centers operating in the world is approximately $1 trillion. Over the next four or five years, we will have $2 trillion in software data centers worldwide.”stated Jensen Huang. He also added that there is no need to think that you will need to buy more computers. According to him, we need to assume that computers will become more and more productive, and the total number of them required will not increase so significantly.

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