In China released a computer case with a built in aquarium

In China released a computer case with a built-in aquarium for fish

The Chinese company MetalFish has presented a very unusual computer case Y2 Fish Tank Chassis. The novelty combines a Micro-ATX case located below and a real aquarium for ornamental fish on top.

    Image source: MetalFish

Image source: MetalFish

The Y2 aquarium chassis measures 370 × 250 × 290 mm. Its total volume is 27 liters, about 13 of which are reserved for the aquarium for fish. The wall thickness of the aquarium is 5 mm. The package includes a filter that is powered by a USB port. For the inhabitants of the aquarium, the manufacturer also provided for the presence of a backlight, which can be controlled and turned off using the remote control. The computer component compartment has its own RGB lighting. It is out of sync with the aquarium part.

The manufacturer says nothing about how the aquarium affects (and whether it affects) the cooling of the PC. But there’s a good chance that if computer components aren’t cooled very effectively from below, the upper occupants will eventually get quite warm.

The Y2 Fish Tank Chassis allows you to install Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. Its design uses 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy walls. Inside there is enough space to install a 2.5-inch drive, two 90mm fans and a CPU cooler up to 90mm high. You can also install a graphics card up to 220 mm long and a compact 1U or FlexATX power supply.

This is not MetalFish’s first aquarium case. Previously, the manufacturer released a model fish cube, Mini-ITX format. However, the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis looks more elegant because of its design.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is available in China for under $75.

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