In a year and a half the largest local iPhone

In a year and a half, the largest local iPhone assembly factory will open in India

The Indian industrial group Tata Group has repeatedly expressed its interest in starting to assemble Apple smartphones in this South Asian country. The company expects to launch the largest company of this profile in a year and a half, creating up to 50,000 jobs in a few years.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The agency announces this Bloomberg with reference to our own knowledgeable sources. The Tata plant is expected to be located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and will have about 20 production lines, employing up to 50,000 Indians within a few years. If everything goes according to plan, the system should be operational in about a year.

The conglomerate Tata Group already has an iPhone assembly plant in the neighboring state of Karnataka, which it bought from the Taiwanese company Wistron. Representatives from Apple and Tata Group did not comment on this information to Bloomberg employees. Tata also makes iPhone cases in Tamil Nadu. The Indian giant is also interested in opening about 100 retail stores in the country that will focus on selling Apple products. Apple itself has only opened two branded stores in India so far, and these only opened last year.

Efforts by other Apple contractors to increase the production volume of Apple products in India resulted in a total of $7 billion worth of Apple products being manufactured in the country in the last fiscal year, and India’s share of the global iPhone production structure reaching 7% reached. China remains Apple’s most important production location.

Tata’s future iPhone assembly plant in India will be medium-sized by the standards of Apple’s global contractor structure, inferior to the Chinese giants but larger than what was purchased by Wistron. The latter offers more than 10,000 jobs and the new one will increase the workforce to 50,000 employees. However, Foxconn’s Chinese operations still employ hundreds of thousands of Chinese, so the future Tata company will only be large in comparison to India itself. Apple and Tata are likely to expect to receive some kind of subsidy from the Indian authorities to organize local assembly of the iPhone in Tamil Nadu.

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