Improve quality and expand opportunities The director of Days Gone

Improve quality and expand opportunities: The director of Days Gone talks about the conception of the sequel

Days Gone director Jeff Ross, who left Bend Studio in 2020, spoke to USA Today about ideas for a sequel. The sequel should be “The Most Complete Version” the concept of the project.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

According to Ross, the sequel to Days Gone could tell more about Deacon and Sarah’s later lives. “Yes, they’re back together, but they can be unhappy– he explained. – So what can we do about it? Yes, they were married before the apocalypse, but what next?

The developer also said that in the sequel, Deacon could have more tools to interact with the world in the form of NERO technology. And as in the first part, there is a strong emphasis on storytelling. At the same time, it was suggested in the sequel to create fewer stealth sections with an immediate error in detection. In addition, Bend Studio planned to give the protagonist the ability to swim.

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Ross also addressed criticism of Days Gone. According to him, many series start with basic games, then become more complex and expand – as examples he cited Batman: Arkham Asylum and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. If Days Gone 2 got a chance, it would be a lot better than the first part, he said. And in other games in the series it would be possible, for example, to dive deep underwater, as in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

“They didn’t start diving, they went to this one, – he said. – This goes for every game. You can swim underwater in Horizon Forbidden West. It will contain everything [Guerrilla Games]I thought I wanted to do it in the first game, but there just wasn’t enough time. “

Ross previously said Sony Interactive Entertainment made Bend Studio staff feel like Days Gone was a huge flop. Still, the game’s sales are decent – more than Ghost of Tsushima, according to the director.

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