Impressive mod makes Fallout 4 more realistic and tough

Impressive mod makes Fallout 4 more realistic and tough – it makes “thousands of improvements” to enemy AI and removes Bethesda restrictions

Thumblesteen enthusiast Approved a mod for Fallout 4 that significantly improves enemy AI. The author worked on it for years “fully open” the intelligence potential of the enemies in the game.

    Image source: DSOGaming

Image source: DSOGaming

Thumblesteen attempted to make enemy behavior more organic by adapting the in-game restrictions from the console versions. Contribute “Thousands of Upgrades”he recalibrated hundreds of engine-level routines. “This is the result of several years of research into the AI ​​system in Bethesda games, going back to the time I modified The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.”said the author.

In the original Fallout 4, enemies exist in a sort of bubble that limits their interaction with the world. Mod real.AI “Remove Blinders” out of their sight and removes the invisible barriers put up by the developers. This gives enemies access to more buildings, firing positions, and environmental elements, as well as the ability to flank the player and hit snipers from a greater distance.

To avoid the problem of enemy hypersensitivity, the modder introduced new, smoother restrictions. Enemies that erupt from the bubble will not pounce on the player regardless of the conditions: their perception is now determined by distance, visibility, light level, and many other factors. So they can be distracted, deceived, misled and outwitted by an ambush. However, it is worth remembering that enemies can do the same to the player.

In addition, the author added elements of unpredictability that gave opponents free choice. They can hide, orbit large objects, and rely on guesswork when information is scarce (e.g. shooting indiscriminately). Finally, the camouflage and detection mechanisms have become more organic: if you hide in the middle of a fight, the enemies will start looking for the player and will shoot blindly if they don’t see him.

According to Thumblesteen, many users criticize his mod, noting that it makes the game too hardcore. “If you believe that, just don’t install it.”, the Creator answered them. — The mod is primarily aimed at people who like to operate in a situation of constant danger where anything can happen at any time, who appreciate slower and more intense gameplay that forces you to rely on your instincts and take the nuances into account. This mod turns a 5 minute quest into a 30 minute quest and a lot of people love it.”

In addition, the author does not at all believe that real.AI excessively increases the complexity of battles. “Enemies behave differently – the same is required of you.”, he noticed. — Just experiment with new tactics and you’ll find that the mod doesn’t overcomplicate things. It’s like Dark Souls: once you figure out how the combat system works, the game becomes like any other.

The real.AI mod is available for free at Nexus Mods.

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