Immersion is suing Valve over Steam Deck and Index VR

Immersion is suing Valve over Steam Deck and Index VR vibration motors

Immersion, which owns numerous patents for vibration technology and has already sued several digital companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Google, is now also suing Valve. The lawsuit alleges that Valve’s handheld video games, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems, including Steam Deck and Valve Index, infringe seven immersion patents covering various applications of haptic effects in such systems.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

Immersion is a haptic feedback technology company that has accumulated so many patents over its history that almost every major tech company has had to license their use. Immersion is now accusing Valve of infringing on its patents with its Steam Deck handheld gaming device and Index VR platform and associated SteamVR software. Immersion seeks damages and an injunction”to provide, operate, maintain, test and use Valve’s popular handheld and virtual reality toolsOn Monday, the company filed a patent complaint in federal court for the Western District of Washington.

A number of digital companies, including Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Motorola, and Fitbit, are already licensing Immersion’s patent portfolio following multiple lawsuits. Meta* is in the midst of his own immersion lawsuit, which was filed a year ago. Nintendo appears to have evaded the lawsuit, likely due to its own development of the Rumble Pak technology for the Nintendo 64, but is now licensing the immersion technology as well.

ASUS recently introduced a direct competitor to the Steam Deck portable gaming console – ASUS ROG Ally. In many test reports, the set-top boxes praise high performance and short operating times.

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