Images of one of the earliest prototypes of Half Life 2s

Images of one of the earliest prototypes of Half-Life 2’s gravity cannon have surfaced online

A former member of the Valve Cut Content Fan Team has shared a closed Discord server with the community illustrations Featuring the original design of the Gravity Gun from the Half-Life 2 shooter.

    Image source: BlueFlytrap

Image source: BlueFlytrap

Remember that the Gravity Cannon (aka the Zero Level Energy Field Manipulator) is a tool (originally, later a weapon) that allows you to lift, attract, and throw objects.

On the way to its final form, the Gravity Cannon went through several iterations (development of Half-Life 2 began back in 1999), images of the first of which (attached below) have been circling the internet the other day.

    Image source: Reddit

Image source: Reddit

Twitter user Wolfcl0ck1 Hintsthat the illustrations do not technically represent the Gravity Cannon itself, but rather its predecessor – physical weaponfirst shown on E3 2003 (and lit up Concept art featuring Eli), but eventually cut from the game.

Only six months after the release of the first part, Valve began development of Half-Life 2. The sequel was initially based on the original game’s GoldSrc engine and was only later ported to Source.


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