Im in complete shock PUBG publisher surprised players with the

“I’m in complete shock”: PUBG publisher surprised players with the gameplay of the life simulator inZOI in the spirit of The Sims

On the eve of the start of the G-STAR 2023 exhibition, South Korean publisher and developer Krafton (PUBG: Battlegrounds) presented a gameplay trailer for inZOI, its analogue of The Sims. The players were impressed, to say the least.

    Image source: Krafton

Image source: Krafton

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the gameplay and the inZOI screenshots (attached below) is the graphics. The project is created on Unreal Engine 5 and therefore offers a realistic image.

The six-minute inZOI gameplay video shows the main elements of the game, including the character creation editor, interaction between “Sims”, building modes and the director (allows you to change the city and weather).

Krafton calls inZOI a simulator, “Where players become gods, gain the ability to change anything at will and experience an endless number of new stories in different life forms”.

“Instead of living the life you were given, you can become the main character of your own life. It’s time to write your story at inZOI, where endless opportunities await!” – continues reading the description of the game Krafton website.

The inZOI gameplay video was received with a bang – almost 8,000 likes for just 200 dislikes. In the comments they share their joy of watching it. “I am completely shocked, I really hope for this game”divided Yana Marenich.

inZOI is expected to launch on PC in late 2024 and then on PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The distribution model (also for DLC) has not yet been determined. The project will be part of Krafton’s program at G-STAR 2023 (November 16-19).


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