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I******m and F******k have blocked strangers from sending messages to minors by default

Meta announced the introduction of new restrictions for underage Facebook users and Instagramwhich makes it impossible for teenagers to send messages to people who are not on their social network’s friends or contacts list.

    Image source: StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay

Image source: StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay

Until now on Instagram Adults over 18 were banned from sending messages to teenagers who didn’t follow them. The new restrictions apply by default to all users under 16 and up to 18 in some regions. Meta said it would inform existing users of the new restrictions via a notification. On Facebook Messenger Messenger users only receive messages from friends on Facebook or those who are in their contacts.

Meta It also makes parental controls more robust, allowing guardians to allow or deny changes made to default privacy settings by teens. Previously, guardians only received notifications of attitude changes by young people, but were unable to respond in any way.

Now, for example, if a teen user tries to change their account from Private to Public, change sensitive content filtering from Less to Standard, or change control over who can send them private messages, they can Block guardians from making such changes. Meta has introduced a parental control feature for Instagram in 2022.

The company also announced plans to add a feature to prevent teens from seeing unwanted and inappropriate images sent by users associated with them in their private messages. This feature also works in end-to-end encrypted chats, preventing minors from sending such images.

Earlier this month Meta introduced new tools to limit the ability of minors to view Facebook and Instagram “toxic” content that contains self-harm demonstrations or scenes of violence or deals with eating disorders (weight loss programs).


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