iFixit specialists disassembled the Apple Vision Pro ARVR headset

iFixit specialists disassembled the Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset

iFixit technicians regularly disassemble electronic devices to show how they work and how they can be repaired. This time they got their hands on the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which went on sale in the US earlier this week. During disassembly, an assessment was made of the internal layout of the device and its maintainability.

  Image Source: iFixit

Image source: iFixit

Inside the Vision Pro we found numerous sensors, cameras, lens drives, fans and much more. The Apple headset is one of the company’s most technologically advanced devices, so it is not surprising that repairing it yourself will be very problematic.

“The EyeSight display is the Achilles heel in terms of maintainability.”, noted iFixit. At the same time, the company’s specialists mentioned that Apple managed to arrange the internal elements of the headset in such a way that it was relatively easy to replace the battery and speakers. “We have to give Apple credit: the easily replaceable speakers and battery are a big win for repairability.”says iFixit.

Vision Pro is equipped with a proprietary 8-core Apple M2 processor, 16 GB of RAM and storage capacity of up to 1 TB. The developers have equipped the device with a completely new R1 chip, which is designed to process data coming from 12 cameras, 5 sensors and six microphones, and also provide the feeling that content appears right in front of the user’s eyes.

Let us remind you that sales of Vision Pro in the USA started on February 2. Despite the fact that the new product costs from $3,500, many pre-orders for its purchase were issued before the start of sales. After the start of sales, those who want to test the device in action can do so in one of the official Apple Stores in the USA.

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