Ideally Apple would like to create augmented reality glasses that

Ideally, Apple would like to create augmented reality glasses that can be worn all day.

Well-known expert on Apple products – Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman), from the sides Bloomberg continues to give him little by little information about the augmented reality device of this brand, the first generation of which should appear later this year. According to the source, Apple ideally aims to make augmented reality glasses wearable, anywhere, all day long. They should not only replace the user with a smartphone, but also with a laptop.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

The main problem with implementing this approach remains, as Gurman explains, the high price of the debut version of the device ($3,000), combined with a modest battery life (about two hours) and the lack of a large number of compatible applications , makes it quite difficult to rapidly expand this new product category. In fact, the company’s task is to create a product that is superior in capabilities to the competitors’ products and could eventually form an adequate application ecosystem.

In the first year of the debut version of the AR headset on the market, Apple plans to sell about 1 million units. In view of the high price and the limited area of ​​application, this is quite an ambitious task. The first generation iPhone took several months to surpass this milestone and the iPad was ready in 28 days. In its second year since its announcement, the iPhone has sold more than 10 million units and it took the iPad eight months to break the 15 million mark. Even the Apple Watch, with some market difficulties, sold more than 10 million units in its first year.

For the augmented reality headset that Apple plans to launch this year, the problem remains the lack of a convincing superiority in functionality over existing categories of devices from this brand. The ability to communicate via video connection in a virtual environment with a realistic avatar of your interlocutor is too weak an incentive to ensure the novelty an overwhelming success in the market. Many competing headsets have either not fully sold or are so limited in use that owners become bored after a few months of sale. In short, Apple faces a non-trivial task, and the launch of a new category of devices for the company will be a major test of it.

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