IDC Computer sales rise to 2012 levels but will decline

IDC: Computer sales rise to 2012 levels but will decline after the pandemic

Research firm Canalys announced yesterday that computer shipments in 2021 were up 15% over the previous reporting period. IDC analysts also have their own statistics. Accordingly, the PC market grew by 14.8% last year. It is noteworthy that shipments of desktops, laptops and workstations have reached record levels since 2012 – back then there were comparable volumes and then a long-term decline began.

Source: StartupStockPhotos /

Source: StartupStockPhotos /

According to IDC, shipments rose 34% to 349 million copies compared to 2017, the worst year for the computer market (341 million according to Canalys statistics). This is an excellent metric for a sector that investors have long considered quite depressed, since smartphones became the most important and important product in the electronics market.

The market recovery has been actively promoted by numerous lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic – Thousands of households and businesses bought new laptops and PCs for distance learning of students and the organization of remote working. It is noteworthy that the hype took place in the year of the most acute chip shortage and affected most of the world’s industries.

Some experts predicted that sales of large computers would not continue after the pandemic ended. According to IDC forecasts, sales in this market are expected to weaken in 2022. Nonetheless, many manufacturers remain optimistic and expect PC sales growth to be in line with current rates.

According to Rahul Tikoo, senior vice president of Dell Client Product Group (Rahul Tikoo), the world is moving from a model where there is one computer per household to one where everyone has a computer, analogous to smartphones, and such patterns of shopping behavior will continue in the future. According to IDC statistics, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, ASUS and Acer are the largest computer equipment suppliers by items sold in 2021.

Another beneficiary of the explosive market growth has been Microsoft, whose operating systems are installed on most of the world’s computers. Although the software giant recently shifted its focus to cloud services like Azure, Windows is still an important part of the business. In the third quarter alone, operating systems sales reached $ 5.68 billion, 10% more than the same period in 2020.

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