Id play this forever The modder showed off Bloodbornes clean

“I’d play this forever”: The modder showed off Bloodborne’s “clean gameplay” on PS5 at 60fps

While PC users always dream of bringing Bloodborne to their platform, PS5 owners hope to be able to play FromSoftware’s iconic action game at a higher frame rate. Dataminer and modder Lance McDonald showed what it will look like in a new video on his YouTube channel.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The released video lasts six minutes and shows Bloodborne’s work on the PlayStation 5 in 1080p resolution and at a full 60 fps. According to McDonald, that’s what it’s all about “pure game play” — No scaling or interpolation method was applied to the data set.

Exactly how McDonald achieved such a feat from Bloodborne on the PS5 isn’t specified. In February 2021, an enthusiast released an unofficial patch for the game that broke the 30fps limit, but it took a lot of effort to hit 60fps on PS4 (and PS4 Pro).

The specialists at Digital Foundry announced in spring 2021 that a patch from McDonald Bloodborne on the (devkit) PS5 is able to generate a stable 60 frames/s in 1080p. Then they showed what such gameplay looks like in 4K with smart scaling.

Be that as it may, the new video from McDonald’s definitely did not leave Bloodborne fans indifferent: just a few hours after its release, almost two thousand people liked the video, and less than 10 users left a dislike. The comments are full of positive reactions.

Viewers are praising McDonald’s work (and longing to learn his secret), excited at the chance to see Bloodborne at 60 fps, and hoping that sooner or later Sony will release a remaster of the project. “I’d play this forever if they could just get the damn thing working when they were 60 [FPS]»divided The Lord of Entropy.

Bloodborne was released exclusively on PS4 in March 2015 and sold over 2 million copies in six months, exceeding publishers’ expectations and gaining cult status in the community. According to McDonald, it won’t be difficult for Sony to update the game without FromSoftware’s help. A PC version is also said to be in development.

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