Id Pay For It An Enthusiast Has Pledged To Remake

“I’d Pay For It”: An Enthusiast Has Pledged To Remake Bloodborne On Unreal Engine 5 And Hit Players With The First Teaser

portal wccftech It struck me that an enthusiast named Maxime Foulquier has taken on the realization of the dream of many fans of FromSoftware Studio’s gothic action game Bloodborne – a remake of the game on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Keep in mind that rumors of expanding the Bloodborne target platform list have been circulating for several years, but have yet to receive confirmation. With no initiative from FromSoftware or Sony Interactive Entertainment, Fulkier decided to take matters into his own hands.

In the description of the recently released 11-second video, Fulkier announced that he had decided to remake Bloodborne on Unreal Engine 5 from scratch: the enthusiast creates all the elements himself in Blender.

As a demonstration of his intentions, Fulkier showed the early developments for an ambitious remake of Bloodborne – the aforementioned 11 seconds of “gameplay” in the Unreal Engine 5 editor.

The released video shows the Hunter. The protagonist standing at the exit of Josefka’s Asylum inspects the large bridge and other surrounding elements in central Yarnam.

In the comments to the video, the audience appreciated Fulkier’s work and noted the elaboration of the scene, and also expressed hope for a full-fledged remake and a desire to financially support the author. “I would pay for it”insured Shut up, Jake.

Fulkier does not announce the release date for his Bloodborne remake on Unreal Engine 5, but emphasizes that he still has to be patient. Whether Sony Interactive Entertainment will allow an enthusiast to complete the project is also a big question.

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