ID Cooling introduced a 35 FROZN A620 Black cooler for processors

ID-Cooling introduced a $35 FROZN A620 Black cooler for processors with a TDP of up to 260W

The ID-Cooling company presented a huge cooler FROZN A620 Black. According to the manufacturer, the new product in a two-tower design can transport up to 260 W of thermal energy. In addition to high efficiency, FROZN A620 Black has a very attractive price.

    Image source: ID-Cooling

Image source: ID-Cooling

The FROZN A620 Black aluminum radiator contains 108 fins and six heat-conducting copper tubes as well as a nickel-plated copper base. The new product’s ability to dissipate 260W of thermal energy means the cooler can handle any modern consumer processor from Intel and AMD.

The cooling system is also equipped with two 120 mm fans based on hydrodynamic bearings and operating in a speed range of 500 to 2000 rpm (PWM control). They produce an airflow of 78.25 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a noise level of 29.85 dBA.

The dimensions of the ID-Cooling FROZN A620 Black cooler are 120 × 140 × 154 mm, the weight is 1128 grams. The new product allows the system to use RAM modules with a height of up to 40 mm in the first DIMM slot of the Motherboards with front fan installed. When installed between the radiator towers, the cooler does not cause any problems when installing RAM modules of any height (officially up to 65 mm).

The ID-Cooling FROZN A620 Black cooling system supports Intel Core processors of the 12th, 13th and 14th generations as well as AMD chips for the AM4 and AM5 processor sockets. In addition, the new product is compatible with older Intel LGA 1200 and LGA 115X platforms. The cooler comes with FROST X25 thermal paste with a thermal conductivity of 10.5 W/(mK).

The cost of the cooler in China is 259 yuan, or about $35. The new product can already be purchased on various online trading platforms.

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