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“I want to play it before I die”: Let’s Player grandma urged Bethesda to hurry up development on The Elder Scrolls VI

Following Bethesda Game Studios CEO Todd Howard’s recent statement on the development of The Elder Scrolls VI the line To play mass media drew attention to the April cry of the heart of the grandmother player Shirley Curry (Shirley Curry).

    Image Source: The Circantolius Team

Image Source: The Circantolius Team

86-year-old Curry, better known as “Granny Skyrim”, became famous for her passion for the cult role-playing game Bethesda Softworks. And now I’m looking forward to the next part.

In April of this year, Curry came to PAX East Festival with her own performance. During a Q&A session, the Let’s Player grandmother was asked what she would say to Howard if he were in the audience.

“How about ‘Hello’? No, I would ask him to give me a cool game and hurry up the development of Skyrim 6 [само собой, в виду имелась The Elder Scrolls VI — прим. ред.]. I want to play it before I die”said then Curry.

Remember, The Elder Scrolls VI was revealed at E3 2018 and was in pre-production even then. As recently became known, the development has not moved to a radically new phase since then.

But not only Curry has been waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI. In November 2021, Howard revealed: “For Father’s Day this year, my son gave me a card and said, ‘You’re a great dad, but where’s TES6?'”

The main forces of Bethesda Game Studios are now thrown onto Starfield. The space RPG is expected to be released on PC, Xbox Series X and S in early 2023. The company also has plans for the next part of Fallout, however, it will be released after The Elder Scrolls VI.

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