I want this game more than a remake Gamers amazed

‘I want this game more than a remake’: Gamers amazed at the launch of Resident Evil 4, made of LEGO

Before launching the Resident Evil 4 remake, Brazilian animator Cara Aleatorio tried to envision what the launch of Capcom’s iconic action game would be like in a digital LEGO format.

    Image source: YouTube (Cara Aleatorio)

Image source: YouTube (Cara Aleatorio)

Unlike the upcoming Resident Evil 4 official overhaul, Aleatorio’s recreated segment is as close to the original game as can be. Adjusted for the fact that everything in it is made out of LEGO bricks.

All key elements of gameplay and staging are on-site (save for a couple of misses trying to shoot the crows) and seasoned with a pinch of LEGO humor, and all sounds are straight from Resident Evil 4.

According to Aleatorio, it took him a few months to create the video in the Blender graphics editor using the Mecabrics add-on: digital figures are as similar as possible to real children’s toys with small scratches and scuffs.

Viewers in the comments praised Aleatorio for the work done and the attention to detail, such as the camera’s behavior when aiming or a slight delay between the transition from gameplay to cutscene.

In addition, users have expressed a desire to see the sequel to Aleatorio’s LEGO version of Resident Evil 4, and some have gone even further. “I want this game more than a remake”confessed goblin production.

The mentioned Resident Evil 4 remake will be released on March 24th on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Another blogger previously showed a fixed camera reinterpreted from the first parts of the series.

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