I thought I was going crazy The developer admitted how

“I thought I was going crazy”: The developer admitted how Dragon Age: Inquisition has fooled players all these years

Creative Director of BioWare and the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf John Epler uncovered One of the tricks of the developers of Dragon Age: Inquisition that the players suspected.

    Image Source: Steam (MsKirona)

Image Source: Steam (MsKirona)

According to Epler, the cutscene designer for Inquisition, horses and other mounts in the game don’t actually have acceleration, but “Sprint” just makes them feel like they’re moving faster.

“So streaming levels in Frostbite wasn’t fast enough [при включении спринта] We just added speed bumps and changed camera positions to make the ride seem faster.”Epler admitted.

    Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

Mount Sprint Mystery gave Epler no rest: “All these years I carried a feeling of guilt inside me. Guilt is like the ocean and I’m tired of drowning in it.”. AT another tweet The developer admitted that he feels like it “Killed Santa Claus in front of many of you”.

“For now [производства] This project took three days, during which my whole task was “trying to make the horse’s sprint appear faster”.remembered Epler is working on the camera for this function.

    In the first Mass Effect was

In the first Mass Effect, “fast” running wasn’t faster than normal either (Image source: Nexus Mods)

In the comments to Epler’s reveal, many players said they already figured out the developers’ trick, but some were surprised by the revealed trick: “I thought I was going crazy”divided Poached Solas.

The mount speed trick in Dragon Age: Inquisition is far from the first “crutch” resorted to by game developers. In Fallout 3, for example, the trains from the Broken Steel add-on were actually a “helmet” on the character’s head.

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