I lost hope a long time ago the Adam Jensen

“I lost hope a long time ago”: the Adam Jensen actor commented on the cancellation of the new Deus Ex

Yesterday’s news that the next Deus Ex, after two years of development, became another victim of the restructuring of the Embracer Group holding company surprised many, but not Elias Toufexis, who played the reluctant cyborg Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Humanity is divided.

    Image source: Steam (Bootsy)

Image source: Steam (Bootsy)

When news of the next Deus Ex’s cancellation went viral, Tufexis wrote in his microblog: “Guys, I told you nothing was going to happen.” In conversation with the portal PC gamer The Canadian actor admitted: “To be honest, I lost hope a long time ago.”.

Tufexis too securethat the canceled Deus Ex was not a continuation of Adam Jensen’s story: “If they haven’t contacted me after two years of developing Deus Ex, there’s a good chance it wasn’t Jensen’s story.”. According to the actor, he was not bound by any non-disclosure agreements.

    In Mankind Divided, Jensen's story ends mid-sentence (Image source: Steam)

In Mankind Divided, Jensen’s story ends mid-sentence (Image source: Steam)

Adam Jensen’s story was intended to be a trilogy, but after poor sales of Mankind Divided, the stealth-based cyberpunk RPG shooter series died out. Eidos Montreal wanted to return to Deus Ex and do something… “Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t”but apparently not intended for that purpose.

Neither Embracer Group nor Eidos Montreal commented on Bloomberg’s reports on the development and cancellation of the new Deus Ex, but confirmed the wave of layoffs that hit the Canadian studio – 97 people were laid off. It is expected that the remaining employees will focus on playing the new franchise.

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