“I like the game less and less”: Denuvo added to Back 4 Blood

Reddit users drew attention to the update of the Back 4 Blood co-op action page in Steamwhich happened after the announcement of the system requirements. Now you can see there that the game will be protected by Denuvo.

Source here and below: Steam

Source here and below: Steam

The release of the new project from the authors of both Left 4 Dead is scheduled for October 12. At the time of pre-orders this summer, there was no mention of anti-piracy protection on the page.

In the comments to the find, players wonder why Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios have decided to protect the multiplayer project, which will mainly be played online, from piracy. While Back 4 Blood has a single player mode with bots, it is unlikely to be popular enough to justify such a decision.

Source: Steam

“I like the game less and less”, – reads the most popular comment on the news on Reddit. Some users were unhappy with the appearance of Denuvo and advised to purchase a trial Xbox Game Pass subscription in order to evaluate the game on release and not pay full price for it.

In addition to coming to PC, Back 4 Blood will also release on October 12th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5.

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