I Know Kung Fu A selection of modifications for Sifu

“I Know Kung Fu”: A selection of modifications for Sifu makes you feel like Neo from the “Matrix”.

A Nexus Mods user under the alias Halfmillz has released a selection of mods that bring the melee fighter Sifu closer to The Matrix game adaptation.

Image source: Nexus Mods

Image source: Nexus Mods

yes mod The Matrix – Neo (The One Suit Physics) transforms the main character Sifu into Neo and with a characteristic costume Agent Smith to All Enemies (The Matrix) Replaces all enemies with Smith Agents.

For more immersion in the atmosphere of The Matrix, Halfmillz also recommends installation The Matrix ReShade (color palette) and The Matrix battle sound effects (sound effects).

The listed modifications were released back in late February and early March, but the community’s attention was drawn after the release roller half mill shows the whole set.

portal IGN also noted that the Halfmillz collection will be replenished with a modification Enemy spawner by KangieDanie (who is also working on the Matrix-style UI for Sifu) that allows you to increase the number of enemies on screen.

Since the end of February, Halfmillz has been creating mods that change the appearance of the Sifu protagonist (deathblow, Batman, Spiderman, poison), but in the case of The Matrix, the substitution works best because, as you know, Neo knows kung fu.

Sifu was released in February for PC (Epic Games Store), PS4 and PS5. In the story, a young kung fu student seeks revenge. Thanks to a magical amulet, the hero is reborn after each death, losing one to several years of life.



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