I hope Tesla robots dont fail Elon Musk joked in

“I hope Tesla robots don’t fail!”: Elon Musk joked in response to the offer to make DLC for Atomic Heart with Tesla Optimus

Recently, the creator of Atomic Heart invited Elon Musk to present the humanoid robots Tesla Optimus in the next expansion of the game. The entrepreneur just laughed about it: “I really hope Tesla robots don’t fail!”

    Image Source: Mouthfish

Image Source: Mouthfish

In Atomic Heart, the story revolves around the innovative artificial intelligence “Collective 2.0”, which was to herald the era of the post-working society worldwide. But its launch fails and the robots start attacking humans.

In response to a suggestion from Mundfish Studio founder Robert Bagratuni, Elon Musk addedthat Tesla puts a lot of emphasis on Optimus robots being easily disabled locally with a physical switch – this reduces the risk of central control and artificial intelligence will not be able to do what it wants.

    Optimus.  Image Source: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Optimus. Image Source: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Last month Tesla demonstrated some of the capabilities of the Optimus prototype. So two humanoid robots worked together to assemble a third. They are assembled from components that the company develops itself – the manufacturer already showed such a housing in September last year. Optimus are equipped with advanced artificial intelligence based on what the Tesla car management system uses. According to Elon Musk, AI will be able to learn.

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