I didnt leave DOOM but I left a toxic customer

“I didn’t leave DOOM, but I left a toxic customer”: The DOOM Eternal composer has spoken his truth about the scandal surrounding the game’s soundtrack

DOOM Eternal composer Mick Gordon detailed call on the Medium website two and a half years later, Marty Stratton, CEO and Executive Producer of id Software, issued an official response to an open letter about the game’s troubled soundtrack.

    Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Keep in mind that the DOOM Eternal album was delayed by almost a month and Gordon wasn’t involved in mixing most of the tracks at all. In a May 4, 2020 Reddit forum post, Stretton accused the composer of missing deadlines and struggling with production issues despite having complete creative freedom.

According to Gordon, in his appeal Stretton made several false accusations against him (the musician confirms the words with screenshots of correspondence and documents) to transfer all responsibility for the failure of the soundtrack, and subsequently offered “six digits” in exchange for silence.

    Stretton posted his letter on Reddit in lieu of the joint statement Gordon promised on the quality of the soundtrack (Image source: Mick Gordon)

Stretton posted his letter on Reddit in lieu of the joint statement Gordon promised (Image source: Mick Gordon)

Gordon also claims Bethesda Softworks didn’t pay him for more than half of the music that appeared in DOOM Eternal: id Software used the composer’s demos, templates, and discarded tracks in the soundtrack, many of which weren’t even meant for release.

The chronicle of events in the eyes of Gordon looks like this:

  • On June 6, 2019, id Software announced Gordon’s DOOM Eternal soundtrack before signing with him;
  • after seven months of inactivity, Gordon contacted Bethesda and settled on a contract that had him in his hands on March 18, 2020 – two days before the game’s release;
  • Gordon had to finish the job by April 16, 2020;
  • 13 days before the deadline, Stretton informed Gordon of possible legal issues (the composer would be responsible for this) and an alternate version of the soundtrack that Bethesda had been working on for at least six months without Gordon’s knowledge;
  • Gordon disapproved of this release, and in the run-up to April 16, Stretton excluded the composer from the process and opted for the release of an alternate version of the soundtrack.
  • When the alternative soundtrack was criticized, Stretton personally asked Gordon for help and offered to make a joint statement on the situation and how to proceed.
  • Stretton promised to send Gordon a draft statement in a few hours, but posted his open letter on Reddit a few days later.

    Image Credit: Mick Gordon

Image Credit: Mick Gordon

“In my opinion, truth and honesty are more important: Marty’s words hurt me and my reputation. I gave him the chance to solve the problem, but his refusal left me no choice but to publish this statement. By doing so, I am exercising my right to self-defense.”‘ said Gordon.

Finally, Gordon accused Stretton of trying to bury his career as punishment for breaking ties, thanked the players for their support and said it was time for him to go “It’s a sad state of affairs” things behind. The composer assured fans of the franchise: “I didn’t leave DOOM, I left a toxic customer”.

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