Hyundai to release hydrogen versions of all its trucks and buses by 2028

Hyundai Motor is already the world’s largest manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell light vehicles, but the main potential of this type of propulsion system is intended to unlock the commercial vehicle market. Hyundai is committed to offering a hydrogen version of each of its 20 truck and bus models by 2028.

Image source: Hyundai Motor

Image source: Hyundai Motor

In fact, Hyundai has already delivered several dozen hydrogen-fueled medium-duty trucks to Switzerland, where they are undergoing trial operation. The power reserve of the existing models reaches 400 km, but it can be replenished in twenty minutes, which is quite good against the background of a hypothetical analogue with traction batteries. By the end of the decade, Hyundai aims to export 64,000 hydrogen-powered trucks annually.

By 2023, as noted Nikkei Asian Review, the company will bring to the market a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell power plant, which will be cheaper and more compact than the existing one, but at the same time will provide an increase in power and increased reliability. By 2040, Hyundai intends to introduce hydrogen propulsion in airplanes, trains and ships. The company estimates that by 2050 hydrogen will account for 18% of the world’s energy resources, and the capacity of the corresponding market will reach $ 2.5 trillion.

For the LCV segment, Hyundai is preparing a hydrogen cell van, which will range from five to seven meters in length and which will have a high degree of automation. The advantage of hydrogen fuel in the commercial transportation segment is that it does not increase the empty weight of the vehicle to the same extent as batteries do, and also allows the range to be replenished much faster. Unproductive loss of time reduces the financial return from the operation of commercial equipment, therefore this is an important criterion for this market segment.

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