Hyundai Mobis accelerates semiconductor development for the parent company

Hyundai Mobis accelerates semiconductor development for the parent company

As part of the South Korean conglomerate, Hyundai has a division of Hyundai Mobis that specializes in supplying automotive components and systems. The shortage of semiconductor products and their increasing importance has prompted Hyundai to invest more and more resources in the development of semiconductor components.

    Image source: Hyundai Mobis

Image source: Hyundai Mobis

At the end of 2020, Hyundai Mobis took over the business of the Italian company Autron, which specializes in the development of semiconductor components. This year as part of Hyundai Mobis appeared responsible for the development of the semiconductor business. It was decided to emphasize two strategic areas: system components and power electronics respectively. The former are used in various control systems, the latter are required, for example, to convert direct current into alternating current. The growing popularity of electric vehicles is forcing component suppliers to look into the field of power electronics.

Investigations into the use of silicon carbide for the production of power electronics are of considerable importance. Products based on it are more compact and lighter than pure silicon analogues. Reducing the mass of an electric car has a positive effect on its range, so manufacturers will pay a lot of attention to such optimization of the component base. As the semiconductor crisis hit the automotive industry, Hyundai Mobis announced in March 2021 that it would step up its semiconductor component development activities. A modern ICE car uses 200 to 300 semiconductor components, an electric car increases the number to 1,000 and a self-driving car needs twice as many chips.


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